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Upload Course Map

New users, please start with the section below: "Check your Judge".

Browse to your scanned course map. Only image types (ex. .jpg, .gif, etc), Agility Course Designer files (.agl), and Adobe PDF files are allowed.

Only upload course maps that you have in your possession. Do not upload courses you have obtained from another internet source.

Check your Judge

Start by checking if the judge for your course map has granted approval for their maps to be uploaded. The list will automatically filter as you type. Select your judge from the resulting list (the name must match exactly).
Enter the Judge:

If your judge is not listed above, you may request that they be added to our system by submitting their name & organization. If you include an email address, we will inform you when we have received permission from the judge.
Your Email (optional):

Uploaded courses will remain in a 'pending' state until permission has been received from the judge to post the course. You will not be able to view or download individual maps that are in this 'pending' state and they will not appear in any list or search. There are many reasons why a judge might decline to have their maps released, the first and foremost being their ability to reuse the course or portions of the course.

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