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Welcome to Agility Course Maps!

Our goal is to provide the agility community with a free course repository. You can browse through course maps that others have uploaded and search by Level, Class, and even Judge!

The repository is built by competitors uploading scans (ex: jpg files) of their course maps and filling in basic information including Level, Class and Judge. Note that no maps are shown without the judge's approval.


  • We have stumbled upon two different printed references to our site! The book "Dog Tricks and Agility for Dummies" mentions our site. As does Annie Pyle's article "Challenges at CR Central" in the August 2011 Clean Run. We're so excited that people are finding our site useful in their everyday training.
  • We have added an organization called Exercises for people who would like to upload and share maps of exercise stations. We still require approval from the person who designed the exercise.
  • Judges! If you create a login and email us your name and login id, you will be able to upload your own maps and have them immediately viewable, even if you have asked to be notified of each map, or have even declined to have your maps on the site.
  • IF YOU ARE A JUDGE, you can proactively give or refuse permission to post your courses by emailing support. Otherwise, we will seek your permission the first time one of your courses is uploaded.

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